Digital accessibility

What is digital accessibility?

An accessible communication service allows all users to access its contents without difficulty, including people with disabilities who use specialized software or hardware.

For example, it allows you to:

  • Navigate with speech synthesis or Braille displays (used by Internet users who are blind or visually impaired).
  • Personalize the service appearance depending on their needs (character enlargement, color modification, etc.).
  • Navigate without using the mouse, with the keyboard only or via a touch screen.

To meet these requirements, the service must comply with strict standards when designed and updated.

TotalEnergies is committed to making its digital services and products accessible in accordance with Section 47 of Act 2005-102 of February 11, 2005. A digital accessibility Lead, the “Mission Handicap” with a dedicated ecosystem are mobilized on the subject.

To learn more about TotalEnergies' digital accessibility strategy:

Accessibility StationT&Vous Platform

Today, TotalEnergies is committed to making its online communication services accessible. Below are some elements implemented and being implemented on the platform:

Elements implemented:

  • Images and texts are dissociated so that they can be used by different tools and search engines.
  • Language changes are indicated to users.
  • Navigation is similar throughout the platform.
  • Search fields have the same shape throughout the platform.
  • Form errors appear in red on registration or participation forms.
  • Alternatives to images are added manually if necessary.

Elements partially integrated (or progressing):

  • Have labels for all elements such as form, arrays, sidebar, search box.
  • Have a logical title hierarchy.
  • Check title attributes on iframes and links.
  • Give role attributes to html elements that require navigation actions.

Contact StationT&Vous

If you are unable to access content on this service, you can contact the corresponding team to be directed to an accessible alternative or get the content in another form.

Contact the team by email at this address:

The requested information will be sent to you as soon as possible.

Contact TotalEnergies

You can help us improve digital accessibility at TotalEnergies  by sharing your feedback. To do this, send us an email at