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TotalEnergies Marketing & Services has created this community site StationT&Vous for its customers, employees and future customers to share ideas, co-innovate face to face and remotely on the needs of today and tomorrow.
Our goal is to allow you to :
• Share your ideas and co-construct the world of tomorrow,
• Discover and test innovative solutions concerning energy and related services,
• Interact on your needs during a dedicated day... and influence your future!
It is a creative process to improve products and services or invent new ones. By participating in these challenges, users can influence the energetic world of tomorrow, so imagine what you would like to use.
To take part in our challenges, you must first register as a member by creating an account on the dedicated website. Make sure you enter an active email address as we need it to contact you if you are selected as a winner. Then it's simple and easy! - Choose a challenge that interests you. - Read about the challenge and the conditions of participation. Remember that all content submitted to the competition is moderated. If you don't respect the brief, your contribution will be deleted. - If you wish to share your ideas and/or react to a Community user's idea , you will earn planets.
Most of the challenges are open to the public and you can participate freely, once you have registered in our community. Do not hesitate to give your opinion on several challenges.
We organize face-to-face meetings for our community. During these days, we interact on your needs, we co-create on defined themes.
TotalEnergies Marketing & Services innovates every day and your opinion is important. To make sure that we satisfy your needs, we offer you the opportunity to test some of our solutions. To do this, you must be a member of the community.
Each action you take (idea submission, like, comment) allows you to earn planets. When you reach certain planet levels, you are automatically eligible for a prize draw to win the corresponding prize. Thus, the most active or relevant contributors (those who get the most votes) are rewarded for their participation. The prizes change with each campaign.
The results of the online idea sharing are usually announced about 2 weeks after the end of the challenge. They are then presented on the challenge page. An email will also be sent to the winners when a prize is available.
In general, each of your actions on a challenge gives you planets according to the following scheme (non contractual):
For registering a project: 10 planets
For submitting an idea: 20 planets
For answering a question in a survey: 5 planets
For receiving a like: 5 planets
For making a comment on an idea: 10 planets
For receiving a comment on an idea: 10 planets
For a like on an idea or comment: 1 planet
To access the prize draws, you must reach one of the pre-established levels (level 1: 500 planets, level 2: 300 planets; level 3: 100 planets). To accumulate the maximum number of planets and reach the level of his choice, each participant can make an action several times. NB: This number of planets is standard, for some challenges it can be adjusted.
Community users or Internet users have already shared their ideas, just to suggest improvements on the products/services they use on a daily basis. If you think your idea is the idea of the century and can make you millions of euros, don't put it on the Internet. Start your own business or sell it to a brand. If, however, you would simply like to have this service or product offered, without constraints and with fun, you are in the right place. Express yourself! !
We need as many details as possible to understand if it is a bug or a issue using the different functionalities. If you were unable to upload your idea before the end of the challenge due to a technical problem, please send us an email as soon as possible via this support: communaute-innovation@totalenergies.com. We remind you that we do not accept files or images larger than 500 MB. If this does not correspond to your problem, please send us an email with the answers to these questions:
-What is the reason for the bug?
-At what precise moment do you encounter it?
-For which call for creation?
-On which page of the site are you located (URL of the page, if possible)?
-What do you do, or would like to do?
- Do you receive an error message and if so, which one? Finally, what is your computer type (PC / MAC), operating system (XP/Mac OSX...), browser and version (Internet Explorer / FireFox / Safari / Chrome/ Opera ...) ?
To delete your User Account, you must go to the "My Profile" section (top right when you are logged in) and then to the "My Personal Information" section. You just have to uncheck the option to consent the use of your personal data. A warning message will appear. If you accept, your account will be deactivated.
It's easy, just send us an email to: communaute-innovation@totalenergies.com

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Write to us at: communaute-innovation@totalenergies.com and make sure to include in the subject line of your email :

StationT&Vous : I have a question !

This community site unites all the employees of TotalEnergies and its customers to imagine the products and services of tomorrow. Take part in our projects, post an idea, or vote for the ones you like the most...

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TotalEnergies’ Marketing & Services business segment offers its professional and private customers a wide range of broad energy products and services—petroleum products, biofuels, charging and related services for electric vehicles, gas for road and maritime transportation—to support them in their mobility and help them reduce their carbon footprint. Every day, over 8 million customers visit our 16,000 service-stations all over the world. As the world’s number four in lubricants, we design and sell high-performance products for the automotive, industrial and maritime sectors. And to provide the best response to the needs of our B2B customers, we deploy our sales forces, our international logistics network and our diverse offering. We operate in 107 countries, where our 31,000 employees stand close to all of our customers..

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